[SATLUG] Virtualization Platform (Proxmox)

jaret jaret at aberlorn.com
Tue Oct 6 17:41:01 CDT 2009

>> I have Proxmox installed to the point where i can sign in as root to 
>> point my browser to my IP address ..... I haven't a clue how to do 
>> this??  What browser? 
Herb, I assume you have two computers in front of you and both are 
connected to a router, so that at the very least you can "ping" each of 
the computers. Did you get that far?  Each computer then has its own 
unique ip address.  You need to get this far in order to continue....

Assuming yes, then on Computer One, you loaded Proxmox. On Computer Two, 
you have Ubuntu-8.04-desktop.  When you were installing ProxMox, the 
installer asked you for the root password. Do you remember what that 
is?  This is the password you need to login in order to use the ProxMox 

Like Todd suggested, use Firefox from Ubuntu. In the Firefox url bar, 
type the ip address of the ProxMox Computer (One). For me, Firefox 
connected successfully but showed me a "Security Exception" web page. 
Read this web page carefully and choose to Add the security certificate 
from ProxMox to Firefox. There are few buttons to push and I don't know 
the exact order - but you should be able to follow the directions to add 
the security certificate (or I think as Firefox calls it adding a 
Security Exception).  The reason why Firefox complains on first 
connection to ProxMox is because the security certificate is not 
verified by a Third Party (like Verisign or GoDaddy) but since you are 
not making this computer available to the public, you don't need Third 
Party verification. Simply add the security exception in Firefox and 
you'll then be taken to the Proxmox login screen. User is "root" and 
then type in your password.

>> 1. Do I apt get one of Linux browsers?
Like Todd said, Firefox works great.
>> 2. Which one would you recommend?
Firefox works.
>> 3. Would you please pass me the code to enter as 'root' on Proxmox 
>> install CLI  to get that configuration page shown in the install 
>> video '' is what gets echoed to the screen.
Maybe you are getting the Firefox security exception? See Above.
>> 4.  I also did not know what to use for the domain so I named it 
>> Velf-herb.windstream.net  (windstream is my DSL IP) Was this correct?
I'm not a net admin but.... Generally you will only make ProxMox 
internal to your network (you don't want the public access to your 
Virtual Server), then use the domain name of whatever your internal 
network is. Velf-herb.windstream.net is probably safest or if your 
router or another computer allows for DNS/DHCP you could name it 
something else like herb.internalnet.lan.... It depends on the type of 
configuration you want and the setup of your internal network. Then if 
you want the outside to use your internal webserver running in a Virtual 
Machine which runs on top of ProxMox, you use your router to point 
external requests to internal services, such as the Virtual Machine's 
web site (using ip address and ports).
>> I can launch my browser in Ubuntu-8.04 by opening a terminal and 
>> typing 'firefox' but entering firefox in the Proxmox CLI says no such 
>> command. being logged in as root I am nervous standing there giving 
>> commands.
You don't access the ProxMox from the ProxMox CLI... you access it from 
Firefox on your Ubuntu desktop.

Hope that helps.


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