[SATLUG] Virtualization Platform (Proxmox)

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Oct 7 12:53:32 CDT 2009

Herb Cee wrote:
> jaret wrote:
>>>> I have Proxmox installed to the point where i can sign in as root 
>>>> to point my browser to my IP address ..... I haven't a clue how to 
>>>> do this??  What browser? 
>> Herb, I assume you have two computers in front of you and both are 
>> connected to a router, so that at the very least you can "ping" each 
>> of the computers. Did you get that far?  Each computer then has its 
>> own unique ip address.  You need to get this far in order to 
>> continue....
>> Assuming yes, then on Computer One, you loaded Proxmox. On Computer 
>> Two, you have Ubuntu-8.04-desktop.  When you were installing ProxMox, 
>> the installer asked you for the root password. Do you remember what 
>> that is?  This is the password you need to login in order to use the 
>> ProxMox web-interface.
>> Like Todd suggested, use Firefox from Ubuntu. In the Firefox url bar, 
>> type the ip address of the ProxMox Computer (One). For me, Firefox 
>> connected successfully but showed me a "Security Exception" web page. 
>> Read this web page carefully and choose to Add the security 
>> certificate from ProxMox to Firefox. There are few buttons to push 
>> and I don't know the exact order - but you should be able to follow 
>> the directions to add the security certificate (or I think as Firefox 
>> calls it adding a Security Exception).  The reason why Firefox 
>> complains on first connection to ProxMox is because the security 
>> certificate is not verified by a Third Party (like Verisign or 
>> GoDaddy) but since you are not making this computer available to the 
>> public, you don't need Third Party verification. Simply add the 
>> security exception in Firefox and you'll then be taken to the Proxmox 
>> login screen. User is "root" and then type in your password.
>>>> 1. Do I apt get one of Linux browsers?
>> Like Todd said, Firefox works great.
>>>> 2. Which one would you recommend?
>> Firefox works.
>>>> 3. Would you please pass me the code to enter as 'root' on Proxmox 
>>>> install CLI  to get that configuration page shown in the install 
>>>> video '' is what gets echoed to the screen.
>> Maybe you are getting the Firefox security exception? See Above.
>>>> 4.  I also did not know what to use for the domain so I named it 
>>>> Velf-herb.windstream.net  (windstream is my DSL IP) Was this correct?
>> I'm not a net admin but.... Generally you will only make ProxMox 
>> internal to your network (you don't want the public access to your 
>> Virtual Server), then use the domain name of whatever your internal 
>> network is. Velf-herb.windstream.net is probably safest or if your 
>> router or another computer allows for DNS/DHCP you could name it 
>> something else like herb.internalnet.lan.... It depends on the type 
>> of configuration you want and the setup of your internal network. 
>> Then if you want the outside to use your internal webserver running 
>> in a Virtual Machine which runs on top of ProxMox, you use your 
>> router to point external requests to internal services, such as the 
>> Virtual Machine's web site (using ip address and ports).
>>>> I can launch my browser in Ubuntu-8.04 by opening a terminal and 
>>>> typing 'firefox' but entering firefox in the Proxmox CLI says no 
>>>> such command. being logged in as root I am nervous standing there 
>>>> giving commands.
>> You don't access the ProxMox from the ProxMox CLI... you access it 
>> from Firefox on your Ubuntu desktop.
>> Hope that helps.
>> ~Jaret
> yes that helped Jaret, the problem was using Windstream.net  
> apparently that was goofing it up. I went to a name.lan as you 
> suggested and it gave me a diff Https and then gave me the security 
> alert.
> So I use the proxmox tru my Ubuntu box huh? Or for that matter from 
> any client on my LAN. I haven't tried to use it yet and may not till 
> few days I have too many chores piled up and guest coming on Thurs but 
> all installed and configured.
> I will check out one of the templates they offer to play some and then 
> I want to setup Win XP and one of the older Wins 95, 98SE or ME plus 
> another Linux distro to play with
> Thanks Todd & Jaret
> herb
Hmmmm I have been reading the Proxmox pages but I don't find a clue what 
to do after I DL a Template to my install I don't see a way to do 
anything from my web admin page.

I have DLed both Wordpress and Joomla and I see the two .gz files but ...

1. How do I enter the install command? I think normal would be from a 
terminal .. "tar xvzf  debian-5.0-wordpress_2.7-1_i386.tar.gz"  ...  
then cd into the folder and

Type|* /"./configure" (Enter)/*|

Type /|*"make" (Enter) *|/||Then /|*"make install" (Enter)*|/

Then /|*"make clean" (Enter)*|/

Then /|*"exit" (Enter)

2. Is this perhaps done from the command line on the box where Proxmox 
is installed?

This is a frustrating thing with Linux and me because although I have no 
trouble using Linux for all my work except some programs i like that run 
in MSWin but trying to do something new is a bitch. I can follow 
directions but where do I find those carefully hidden gems?

It's been raining this morning so thought i would check out wordpress... 
Perhaps this is a bad one to try to learn with so can you give me a run 
down on getting any one of the templates to work?
Thanks herb


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