[SATLUG] Home automation via linux

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Fri Oct 9 17:36:57 CDT 2009

Geoff wrote:
> Todd W. Bucy wrote:
>> Check out linuxmce.org.  as far as I know it is the only complete
>> Linux distro out there which focuses on total home automation.
>> Todd
> Looks like an awesome program, but kinda overkill for just turning on an
> outlet or two.
> "raise/lower your blinds"?  assuming, of course, you've got automated
> blinds.  I never was that lazy ;-)
> just because I like options, are there any other linux based programs
> that would do some of the more simpler tasks?

 Geoff, I bought one of these USB relay controllers but it runs on 
windows not  Linux. I have never used it yet but I consider it worth the 
price. nice little board and if you can get it to run on Linux I would 
like to know. I have the .PDF manual and the .EXE to load the driver on 
Windows in a .rar files I be happy to send ya if you find this interesting.


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