[SATLUG] KDE 4.3.2 password entry issues with my main user.

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Sun Oct 11 20:49:21 CDT 2009

John D Choate wrote:
> I recently upgraded KDE on my laptop from 4.3.1 to 4.3.2. Ever since then, I have had issues with entering passwords with authorization dialog boxes and kwallet. I have ruled kwallet out as the source of the problem though.
> The symptom is as follows:
> (Whether using kwallet or not) When an app requiring a password opens a dialog box, I can type the password in just fine. But pressing <Enter> or clicking on <OK> does nothing... the authorization dialog box stays open and only responds to <cancel>. If I log in as another user or as root, this problem does not occur and authorization dialogs work as expected.
> To make things clear... I have already ruled out kwallet as a suspect. I have removed the kwallet*rc files as well as the kwallet directory from my ~/.kde4/share/config and ~/.kde4/share/apps directories and let kwallet create new ones. This did not help.
> Where else can I look in my user's ~/ directory for anything which can affect KDE authorization dialogs? Why did this suddenly happen to my main user, and not affect other existing or new users?
> Can anybody help?
> John C.
It may be that this is only affecting the main user because you were 
logged in as the main user when the upgrade occurred.  if this is the 
case it may be that yu should try t d a dpkg-reconfigure and see if that 


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