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Tue Oct 13 09:13:32 CDT 2009

hello I am having problems with my laptop  (an HP
dv6000) to get the wireless NIC working. I download
the NDISWRAPER and I cannot find the correspondent
one to my laptop that is the:BCM4311 802.11b/g
WLANChipset: Broadcompciid: 14e4:4311
I dowload the driver and every time that I try to
unzip the exe file I get an error message saying that
is an executble file and that I cannot unzip it. Does
any one knows how to get the apropiate ZIP or where
is it so I can do the ndisraper on the inf file?
Thanks a lot in advance 		 	   		  
I can email you the required unzipped 4311 files
(inf cat sys) files. 

Let me know, better yet, I'll email them direct
now and you can choose to use them if you wish.

If you have any questions let me know before noon,
after that I'll be away until around 6PM.

HTH  Lou

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