[SATLUG] Home automation via linux

Sean Iffland siffland at nerdshack.com
Sun Oct 18 22:17:51 CDT 2009

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On Sunday 18 October 2009 12:37:29 am Doug wrote:
> OMG!  You control your outside xmas lights?   By any chance sync'd with the
> Russian Ballet?  ala the Budweiser commercial? I have been really envious
> of anyone who knows what equip is required to have such a set up.  It would
> win every prize ib town!

Just grab the pcstage software from http://www.lowernab.co.uk/, get their dmx 512 usb controller a buttload of dimmerpacks and go to town.  We use to sync music to lights all the time at this sound company I worked at in Illinois....funfunfun stuff


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