[SATLUG] OT discarded computer and new OS

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Fri Oct 30 09:11:25 CDT 2009

yeah last time i was able to do a lot of salvaging was during the last 
windoze upgrade.  was able to salvage about 10 computers and a lot of 
spare parts.
maybe it will be a good year for dumpster diving.


Henry Pugsley wrote:
> Its amazing what people throw away sometimes. While I was going over a
> blog post about the upgrade paths for Windows 7, I realized why: it is
> far easier and cheaper to junk the machine and buy a new one than it
> is to upgrade. For the average user, performance is not an issue on 3
> year old technology, but after 3 years a Win PC is so slow that it
> seems like a 10 year old computer. The average user won't reinstall
> their machine every year or pay someone to clean it up because you can
> go to Best Buy and get an eMachine for $300 with the latest MS OS.
> On the bright side, those of us who realize the true useful lifespan
> of hardware can reap the benefits of this throwaway mentality :)
> -Henry
> On 10/24/09, Daniel Villarreal <youcanlinux at gmail.com> wrote:
>> This last week I was going to throw away something downtown, and when I
>> peered into the trash can, there was a computer! The side cover was off, and
>> it looked fairly modern, it was just dusty, so I salvaged it. Got it back
>> home and cleaned it up, put in a CD-ROM, 1 GB RAM and a hard drive with
>> Ubuntu 9.04 on it and it started up. I decided to install OpenBSD 4.6 on it
>> and it's working quite nicely.
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