[SATLUG] SATA drive question

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Fri Oct 30 12:51:25 CDT 2009

Went on a server-room clean out with a local buddy and out of the
kindness of his heart, I wound up with a Dell PowerEdge 4300, DualCore
2.8GHz machine w/1.5g PC2-4200E-444-12 RAM.  I have another stick of
512MB Ram, but it (unlike the 3 sticks in the machine) is NON-Ecc Ram,
and the two can't mix.  Anyone wanna trade?

Now, to the SATA Drive question:
This thing has 4 SATA drive connections.  Bios recognizes the 80gig SATA
drive I have hung in it, as well as an 80gig IDE drive on the CD-Rom
chain. That's the only IDE connection on the board.

I've got the machine loaded up on Whoppix (one of two Linux live-cd's I
have here) and while I can find and access the PATA drive, I don't see
where the SATA drive is.

dmesg | grep -i hd shows
hda: (cd rom)
hdb 80gig ide

and nothing reported back for "dmesg | grep -i sd" that has anything to
do with drives.

any ideas?


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