[SATLUG] Looking for FOSS/Gnu-Linux advocates to be filmed discussing solutions for the Digital Divide

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Fri Oct 30 13:35:04 CDT 2009


I'm a grad student part of a group at Texas State that will be creating 
a short documentary detailing the role of FOSS in reducing the digital 

Please respond if you (or someone you know) would be willing to be 
filmed and:

1. You are (or have been) involved in a FOSS project that could 
conceptually be implemented in some way to reduce the digital divide 
such as: being used in a desktop setting in the homes of students, 
teachers, administrators, or being part of FOSS project that could be 
used to improve IT infrastructure in schools/school districts (cost, 
stability, etc.).

2. You are involved with education, education IT, a non-profit 
supporting students and you believe FOSS can decrease the digital divide 
or are implementing FOSS tools which can be used to decrease the digital 

3. You are an IT professional of any sort who who can discuss how FOSS 
might be used to reduce the digital divide. (Possibly providing a 1:1 
student computer ratio.)

Please respond off list with:
your name, your tech background (years of experience/level of tech savvy 
etc.), and a brief synopsis of what you might say about your project or 
the benefits of FOSS for closing the digital divide.

Please send possible contact information of anyone you know who might be 

The interviews will be very short as they will be severely redacted.

Thank you for your time,

D Davis

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