[SATLUG] Re: Dell Power Edge 2550

g gmgrie70 at hctc.net
Tue Sep 1 11:29:07 CDT 2009

I purchased a Dell Power Edge 2550 at Saturdays computer show from a 
fellow with a Satlug shirt on, I think it might have been Borris, he was 
older than me (I am 61).
At any rate, I was too smart by half in that I said I would purchase the 
server if it had all 18gb scsi drives, so he switched drives with 
another server sitting under the one I bought. However, when I got home, 
I found only one of the drives was a 18gb, the rest were 9gb.
I have not installed anything on the server, but if anyone reads this 
and still has the other one, I would like to somehow aquire the other 
drives , even if I have to buy the other server.
I have to go to the SA EOC tonight for an ARES meeting, so I will be in 
SA if anyone can contact me via this email address.
Thanks, George W5GRG, AFA6GG

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