[SATLUG] OT: BIOS chip source

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Tue Sep 1 23:55:58 CDT 2009

Robert Pearson wrote:
> On 9/1/09, Herb Cee <hc at lookcee.com> wrote:
>> This may be premature but I have hit what I believe to be a BIOS chip
>> failure with 2 of 3 Mobos from ECS that I bought earlier this year and the 2
>> are displaying the same prob lack of display the board runs but nada... P/S
>> boots, fans run but no  splash screen and replacing the built in Video did
>> not help.
>>  Please tell me if I am on wrong path but this appears to indicate a failure
>> in powering the BIOS to run the POST since video is first device to be
>> considered in the list for POST. Resetting the defaults by the battery
>> jumper does not help. I searched and found  this BIOS supplier company. They
>> were fast in responding to my questions and were flat on the ball in
>> correcting my order since I screwed up and ordered the incorrect revision of
>> the programming they caught the error and corrected and shipped all in
>> 24hrs.
>>  Because they paid attention and questioned which version I wanted I was
>> spared the confusions of getting the incorrectly flashed chip and having to
>> go tru the flashing that always makes me a nervous wreck.  I am pleased to
>> recommend them to those of you who dig the hardware side of this mess of
>> magic, LOL
>>  biosdepot1 at gmail.com
>> http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Bios-Depot__W0QQ_armrsZ1
>>   "Hi, It was programmed with ECS945G-M3 (3.1)Viiv as you specified and was
>> put in the mail earlier. Thanks again, Lister"
>>  If this works out then we can also prolly get Cheryl's problem solved.
>> Cross some fingers for me please.
>>  herb
> Herb,
> I hope that fixes the problem. I have my fingers crossed.
> Does ECS have any info on the problem?
> Have you checked the voltages on the ECS mobo?
> I have a similar POST problem in a machine that has worked for years.
> According to the Internet it is either the power supply or the
> processor.
> Way back in the late 1990's I bought an HP laptop. It had everything I
> wanted including a built in modem. I bought it at CompUSA in Atlanta
> on a road trip. Took it back to the motel and could not get the modem
> to work. When I got back to my home base I went to the local CompUSA
> store. After their Customer Service gave me the "full" treatment I
> left with another laptop (same model, different serial number) that
> was guaranteed to work. No Joy! I was furious. Took the laptop back
> and got a full refund. Those CompUSA idiots!
> Left for Boston. Went to the Best Buy in Boston near the hotel and
> there was the laptop I loved with a nice notice posted above it. The
> notice stated that a BIOS update was required to make the modem work.
> The update URL was on the notice. I bought the laptop again, copied
> down the BIOS update URL and went to the hotel. Downloaded the update
> on my company laptop, installed it on the new HP and the long love
> affair with that laptop was on. I did some of my best work on that
> laptop. If I could get that functionality in 3-5 lbs I'd be a happy
> camper.
> Robert

Thanks Robert. Yeah I checked the P/S even tho it is brand new and it 
test good, I put the CPU 'A' in the other identical Mobo 'B' and it ran 
fine but the CPU from 'B' would not run in the 'A' box. This is when I 
began to think I had a POST failure since I should get the splash 
screen, I tried the PCI-ex video card and nada and then I tried a plain 
PCI video card no splash. In all these cases the board stays running and 
emits the long beep. (ECS does not seem to know what the long beep 
means).The P/S does not switch off.

I concluded from this that the POST routine was failing and resetting 
the default POST driver with the board jumper also was no joy. That 
seemed to confirm this was a Mobo failure and could very well be the 
BIOS chip itself failing. Very hard to say since I thought building a 
composite of three layers was an insane alignment problem this board is 
FOUR layers.. Oh well, it's only costing me $11 with shipping to find 
out, lol.

I think finding a puter salesperson that knows very much other than 
water runs downhill and payday is Friday is rare. (Country, if you 
tuning in you are excepted lol). But cool story hitting a seller that 
did know.

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