[SATLUG] Re: HP 710 all in one inkjet

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Thu Sep 3 11:57:50 CDT 2009

Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> hahahahahahahahahaha Herb..darn I was hoping it meant I could have a guy in
> shorts standing here at all times making certain my every computer need was
> met!  Daen darn darn...
> it does sound like something I need to look into for me and mom...my sister
> bought one for a great price at costco.  We called them BBU's back in the
> 80's (battery back up units).  I'll read abt them on the link Bruce
> supplied...I hope they also give great surge protection...thanks for all the
> info..I'm learning a lot from you guys on the list this past week.  I love
> learning new things..c

Same thing, Cheryl... Battery Backup - UPS...

U.P.S. stands for (in this case) "Un-interruptable Power Source".  When
the voltages flashes, it flashes from AC Wall current to battery
supplying AC wall current so that the computer system never just "dies".

Most of the UPS these days will stay on long enough for the user to
properly shut down the system, and save any data.  Make sure the
batteries stay fresh.  In fact, a couple of deep cycle marine batteries
in parallel make for a -long lasting- power source.  You can add it in
parallel to the existing battery for up to 5x the up-time of the UPS.


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