[SATLUG]WIFI help please

Nathan nathan at gvtc.com
Fri Sep 4 07:31:41 CDT 2009

I have contacted several companies in the SA area and asked for help in designing and installing a wireless link between 2, at most 3 points at the Texas Transportation Museum.  Not one of them has shown up on the day they say they were going to stop and look at what we wanted.

We are not looking for a hand out.  We are willing to pay for the expert to do the job right.  We have money in our budget, We do not know if it is enough because we have not been able to get anyone to get us even a ball-park price.

If you have reasonable experience with wireless systems and would like to do the job please contact me.  I am at the museum most Saturdays and Sundays.  The museum is open most Thursdays and Fridays and I can be there then if needed.


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