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Alex Bartonek bartonekdragracing at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 4 08:08:29 CDT 2009

maybe if we can "channel" those "grizellion" volts into some sort of "open source" container we can have our own way of supplying electricity to customers.  lol :p

Geoff wrote: 
> Cheryl Holmes wrote:
>> wow! lots to consider!  thanks Al!  I wonder if it might just be better to
>> install a Leviton circuit protector thing in the wall...I forgot what
>> they're called but in Dad's house in SA after surges blew out all his
>> appliances, we put those in and never had another problem.  Insurance would
>> also cover losses after those were installed.  Don't know if that still
>> holds true now days tho..c
> You're thinking of a GFI - Ground Fault Interrupter.  That's just the
> opposite effect you're looking for, if you want to keep your computer
> system up and running.    Then again, if you had a GFI between the UPS
> and the house voltage source, and then an external voltage surge
> protector between the UPS and the computer stuff, you should be safer. 
> My personal feelings on a lightning strike are:
> I don't care -HOW- much protection you install, if you take a direct
> strike, you -are- going to loose some equipment.  Surge protectors are
> nice for CPS irregularities, but who, in their right mind, would think
> that a surge protector that contains a device that's no bigger than most
> people's thumbnail, is going to proect equipment from a bolt of
> lightning that's traveled thousands of feet and contains grizzelions of
> volts?
> Don't take this the wrong way, please - I'm not being sarcastic or
> anything...
> Sure - get the GFI, get the UPS with built-in surge protector, and put
> another one outside of the UPS between it and the computer, but the
> -safest- thing to do with your computer stuff when a storm comes, is to
> unplug it!  Anything powered.  Monitor, computer, unplug the RJ-45,
> too... just unplug it from the wall.  That's the safest bet!
> Sincerely,
> -Geoff
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