[SATLUG] Re: HP 710 all in one inkjet

Cheryl Holmes cherylholmes72 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 01:50:29 CDT 2009

Darn it I just can't remeber what those were called...ansd sincew that was
in the 80's these type of outlet receptacles have probably been renamed like
everything else these days...ie BBU's now called UPS.

It's bugging me so much I'm going to call Leviton to ask them..I was a
Purchasing Agent (Buyer) for a fortune 500 computer manufacturer ...I jad
them installed in the entire plant for surge protection and then insurance
would cover any damages to equip,emt since we used this, but we never had
any equipment blown using them.

Because of that, I had them installed by an electrician in my Dad's home to
protect his appliances and equipment.

They looked like fancy grounded wall outlets with an LED light on them so
you could tell if the circuit had taken a hit...you could get them in all
amps and joules...still can.  Something like a breaker, or perhaps a breaker
would blow on that outlet to keep surges from hitting your equipment...but
we never even had any of the Leviton wall outlet devices blow.  If a surge
made it through a main breaker in the breaker box this outlet would catch it
and stop it.
They were/are really excellent...I wish I could remember what they are
called and I wish things would stop being renamed...We old folks remember
stuff like this, or should anyway...


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