[SATLUG] Broken Hard Drive

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Sat Sep 5 19:36:52 CDT 2009

My Firefox had this url at the top when I read the message, is


wonder how realistic it really is at the prices quoted.

Agreed with you Al, unless you have a 'Clean Room' I'd never open the case
on a hard drive, unless it was toast and just curious what it looks like..

On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 7:31 PM, Alan Lesmerises <alesmerises at satx.rr.com>wrote:

> The typical flying height of the read/write heads is only a fraction of the
> size of a typical particle of dust, so contamination is probably the biggest
> risk of opening the drive housing yourself.  The damage that could be done
> if some dust gets inside the drive (and it's a near certainty that some will
> get in there) is the kind that can cause physical damage to the surfaces of
> the platters and/or the heads, making the chance of data recovery that much
> lower.  Unless you have no other options, I'd recommend against it.
> Al Lesmerises
> Richard Suberg wrote:
>> I haven't tried it, but there are a few you-tube videos on how to do your
>> own data recovery, including taking the covers off and making sure the
>> heads
>> move, moving the spindles to a new drive, things like that.  But like I
>> said, I hadn't tried it and it makes me question whether or not the drives
>> are vacuum sealed or just dust sealed inside.  Might be worth a try if you
>> are willing to try it and don't have the money to pay someone else to get
>> the data off...
>> Richard
>> http://www.kevinspitcrew.com
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>> dinger at dingernet.com wrote:
>>> My dad's hard drive stopped working 2 weeks ago.  I couldn't get it to
>>> mount with the System Rescue Live CD and wasn't able to use any utilities
>>> from the Ultimate Boot CD.  He took it to Altex and they couldn't do
>>> anything with it either.  They gave him the name of a data recovery place
>>> in Austin and said it would run between $300-$1400 and since they
>>> couldn't
>>> fix it it wouldn't be the $300.
>>> Anyone know of any alternatives?  Does this sound like the right price
>> range?
>> I don't know what the symptoms are but you could try buying a used one
>> from ebay with the same model number.  And then you could try and swap the
>> controller boards on the bottom out.  Of course this would only work if the
>> circuit board is the problem, not if the motor inside is just wore out.
>> Sam
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