[SATLUG] OT From SAPD - new way to assault you

Dennis Myhand dmyhand at suddenlink.net
Mon Sep 7 11:33:25 CDT 2009

country wrote:
> Alex, this is back channel to keep the list clear of it, I have a question,
> and want to precede it with a caviot     I'm a 2 tour Namvet, I have long
> weapons and handguns here at the house, but I do not understand why people
> would want the AK or AR type weapons.  I"m not trying to stirr up anything,
> I'm actually looking for enlightenment on this thing.
> Glenn

Well, since it went to the list, allow an answer from an "outsider." 
AKs are nice, short, and reliable, as hell.  I personally do not prefer 
the AR, unless it has been changed from gas impingement to gas piston.

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