[SATLUG] OT From SAPD - new way to assault you

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Mon Sep 7 14:49:08 CDT 2009

country wrote:
> I appologize to the list for this accidently going to the list.   Alex, it
> was curiosity only, no judgements being made.   The caviot of Namvet and gun
> owner was to let you know I own guns as well.
> Again, no judgements, curiousity and appology to the list for the slip
> here..
The ak is a good gun from what I hear.  A few years ago they were 
selling very cheaply.  I think I had a relative buy one and several 
thousand rounds all for less than $2000.  As for me I don't have any 
guns.  I just usually stick with iptables for my protection and fun.


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