[SATLUG] OT From SAPD - new way to assault you

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Mon Sep 7 22:31:07 CDT 2009

on 9/7/09 2:11 PM, Alex Bartonek said:

>          With the proper knowledge, anyone should be able to own any
> type of handgun or rifle.

On the one hand, I strongly support the second amendment, and I firmly 
believe that the Founding Fathers had in mind the kinds of weapons that 
would be needed to protect yourself from a tyrannical government.  At 
the time, those weapons were pretty much the same that everyone had, and 
were put to many different uses, including hunting.  These days, weapons 
of "military significance" are much different from the weapons that 
might be used to go hunting game.

But those same kinds of weapons in the wrong hands can be extremely 
dangerous.  Is there a way to guarantee that the sane citizens can 
continue to exercise their 2nd amendment rights, while keeping the same 
weapons out of the hands of the insane?  I don't know the answer to that 
question, but I do know that I am concerned about it.

Now, speaking only for myself, I know my own tendencies with regards to 
weapons.  I've fought heavy weapons in the SCA, and I know I can be 
fairly dangerous even with a piece of duct-tape covered rattan.  I've 
also had some training in firearms, and I know that my tendencies in 
that direction are not healthy.  I'm just a little too accurate, at 
distances that are too long, but I get so wrapped up in it that I can't 
pay enough attention to simple things like counting the number of times 
I've pulled the trigger.

That's part of why I have avoided professions where using firearms would 
be required.  That's why I have agreed with my wife that we won't own 
any firearms (well, other than the museum-piece muzzle loading musket 
that I inherited from my grandfather, and which wouldn't even make a 
very effective stick).

This is Austin, and I wouldn't want to end up being the kind of whacko 
that would be heavily armed and go to the top of the tower.

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