[SATLUG] OT: ATT Mail settings

Alex Bartonek bartonekdragracing at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 8 09:31:39 CDT 2009

my only contrubution would be.... "houston...we have a problem".  get it?  Houston settings?  aaahhh  too early in the morn..

Geoff wrote: 
> I was in San Antonio for about 10 hours, last Tuesday night/Wednesday
> morning, and I managed to get my mom's computer, find the problem (bad
> video card) fix it with a spare, and upgrade her ram.
> When her machine failed, was in the middle of a switch over from
> TimeWarner to AT&T, Telephone/Cable(DSL)/Dish.  She's happy, except of
> course, about her computer.
> I got Thunderbird installed on it, and went to make sure I could pop
> their server (I'm in houston and also have AT&T DSL) but the thing just
> sits there and churns for a while, then goes back to idle.  Weird.
> Tried to -send- a message, and it errored out, saying it couldn't
> connect, check your settings, blah blah.
> The server settings, incoming pop and outgoing smtp are identical to
> what my setup is (ports 995 and 465, respectively) but it's not playing
> nice.
> Could it be the geographic location of being in Houston, vs being in San
> Antonio that's causing the problems?  It -is- AT&T and one would think
> that they'd be on the same network...
> Thanks for any help.
> -Geoff
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