[SATLUG] OT From SAPD - new way to assault you

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Tue Sep 8 14:26:03 CDT 2009

David Kowis wrote:
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> Alex Bartonek wrote:
>> if I hear something outside at night, the first thing I reach for is my .45.   it speaks before I do.  true story.
> I think should such things happen to me, it'd be the same.
I like my favorite cocktail, a "99" - NIN and 9mm.
>> Borries Demeler wrote: 
>>>> Subject: Fwd: From SAPD - new way to assault you
>>>>> Hi...I
>>>>> don't know if this is happening anywhere else, but it will probably
>>>>> spread, the "bad guys" seem to have a "network". The latest thing is
>>>>> home invaders and/or assaulters will turn on all your outdoor faucets,
>>>>> even put your hose up on your porch...when you hear/see the water
>>>>> running, of course your instinct is to run out and shut it off.. DON'T
>>>>> DO IT LIKE THAT!!! Once you are outside and your house is wide
>>>>> open...guess what...they have robbed and assaulted alot of people!
>>>>> First, set off your car alarm with your remote. Call any neighbors you
>>>>> know, no matter what the time, (safety in numbers) and everyone go out
>>>>> together. If you are home alone (as I am) and you have no other
>>>>> option, call "911" and tell them you are alone, someone has turned on
>>>>> all your water faucets and they will send a squad car. I honestly
>>>>> don't know how the dishonest thugs of this world seem to be making us
>>>>> prisoners in our own homes, but sadly, they are. Please forward this
>>>>> to as many people as you can.
>>>>> It might save someone a lot of grief....Janie
>>> Here is what happened to me:
>>> while in Montana, people did this to my house, except nobody was home,
>>> they left the water running - $470 July waterbill + water damage.
>>> Thank god they didn't just break in.
>>> I hope they catch these crooks soon.
>>> -Borries
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