[SATLUG] Reminder: September Meeting is Thursday, Sep. 10

Jim Wells, President president at satlug.org
Wed Sep 9 21:30:45 CDT 2009

Peter Cross agreed this afternoon to do a presentation on the Amahi Home
server.  A little information follows:

The Amahi Home server has several advantages for the home user as their Home
Digital Assistant (HDA). Primarily the distro is:
- a "home server"
- a new kind of "distro", kept live with updates
- apps packaged by the community via web interface
- goal is to be easy to deploy and make the life of the "designated IT"
person easier
- best of class management system (AJAX)
- API for notifications ...
- Server runs itself without continuous daily/month cycles of SysAdmin
-System is ambidextrous and can be configured to the needs of the end-user

Since the software is based off of Fedora you get all of the functionality
of the primary operating system to run on a heterogeneous hardware
environment. We currently have HDA's running on everything from Pentium
III's to Dual core Atom Mini-ATX boards. My HDA is a repurposed Dell
Dimension 2400 Pentium IV 2.66GHz 1GB of Memory, 160+250GB drives.

In addition Ben Price is the only person who has said that he will be at the
meeting to pick up his shirt.  If anyone else plans to be there PLEASE let
me know by noon on Thursday so I have a chance to get by the house & get the
shirts to bring with me.  Remind me of the size & color of your shirts so I
don't foul up.  Sorry but it's been a long day already & tomorrow will be
longer.  I won't be at the meeting until around 8 or 8:15 as I will be
coming straight from the Alzafar Shrine Circus at Freeman Coliseum.


ps. I'm working with Ernest on doing his presentation on cloud computing in
either October or November.  As soon as I know more we will let the list
know. JW

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