[SATLUG] Reminder: September Meeting is Thursday, Sep. 10

Othniel Graichen othniel at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 22:28:49 CDT 2009

At 7:00PM tonite I introduced and started screening a video debunking
science, since the speaker, Peter Cross, had not appeared.  I received
positive feedback from all who watched the entire video.  According to Glen
Boswell, "It was not preachy.  Not even religious in content."  When Peter
arrived I stepped aside and he spoke for about an hour.  The Amahi server
provides similar functionality to the webmin open source project with which
many of us are familiar.  The presenter Peter was not aware of the existence
the older and much larger open source project webmin.

When that presentation was over, I continued the video which received praise
presentation of scientific fact and use of special effects to aide in
visualizing and
remembering the concepts being presented.  As I stated in my introduction
to the video, the quality is at least on par with the NOVA series.

Contact me off list for further information or to arrange a private

I was asked if the video is about Intelligent Design and if it has anything
do with Linux.  I said, "Watch and see."  A more direct answer is that the
video has everything to do with this organization.  SATLUG is about the free

and open discussion of ideas, exchanging of ideas without bias or
It is about freedom of correct information and the debunking of

I did that today.

Othniel Graichen
(210) 520-2425

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