[SATLUG] Display Coma

Andrew Pickens wg5o at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 14 11:36:04 CDT 2009

Currently, when my computer goes asleep, the key board fails to wake it, 
the reset button has no effect, but the computer will start when I tap 
the pr. button.  Then, though the computer appears to be running, the 
display fails to wake.  If I turn the monitor off and on, it says "no 
signal."  I have to crash the unit and restart to get back in operation.

I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 and install all the changes that come down, even 
though I usually don't know what they do.

One night, I shut off my computer and went to bed.

The next morning, I found the display fully on.  Maybe I accidentally 
got restart, but why was the display awake?

I restarted and looked for a reason.  In System, Preferences, Power 
Management I found the display time cranked up all the way (never go 
asleep), while the computer was set to go asleep at less than an hour.  
I didn't do it.  Anyway, I reset both the computer and display to go 
asleep after shorter periods of inactivity.  I have experimented with 
various settings w/o getting the thing back to normal.  I looked at 
/etc/X11/xorg.conf and see nothing that seems related; I previously 
experimented with a lot of versions of xorg.conf, and settled on a very 
simple, skeleton version that has worked fine.

I will appreciate any guidance offered.

Andy Pickens

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