[SATLUG] Xen Server

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Tue Sep 15 22:55:44 CDT 2009

redpill wrote:
> I have been thinking about decreasing the number of boxes running in my
> house and have begun to do the research on setting up a xen server.
> Currently I am running Ubuntu server 9.04 but my research indicates that
> this is not the best distro for Xen as there is no support for dom0.  I
> looked into Fedora but same problem.  Debian might be an option but my
> experience with this distro is limited. Does anyone out there have any
> experience with Xen? If so, what host distro do you recommend?
> I would like on running the following on the server:
> pfsense - router and wifi access point
> Ubuntu Lamp - wordpress and apache server
> Ubuntu LTSP - thin clienting 2 computers for the kids
> Mythbuntu - would be nice if I could do this but not sure if the TV
> cards will be an issue
> thanks for any advice
> Todd

You have given me an idea.  I think I am going to start combining 
machines around here too.  I think I will do xen on debian and then 
install my firewall machine on top of that.  Now to find some time...


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