[SATLUG] Xen Server

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Sep 16 00:57:34 CDT 2009

redpill wrote:
>> You have given me an idea.  I think I am going to start combining 
>> machines around here too.  I think I will do xen on debian and then 
>> install my firewall machine on top of that.  Now to find some time...
>> Sam
> I feel you there with the time thing.  right now I am gonna stick with
> researching this out a bit more and probably begin implementing after my
> A+ and Network+ certs in December.  As I noted before my main goal is to
> learn server virtualization so as to make myself more marketable for the
> job market.  I figure that getting my mythbox virtualized is going to be
> the real challenge.  My ultimate goal is to take 6 of my boxes (2
> servers, 1 Mythbox, 2 thin clients and 1 router) all on one box.  
> As for my hardware I have a dell PE840 with a dualcore xeon and a perc
> 5i but I am not sure that it is the best machine for the mythbox Xeon's
> are crap when it comes to video and graphics and the board has no PCI-e
> slots for the video card. so I may end up using my quad core.  Like I
> said I still have a bunch of research to do before I start tearing down
> and reconfiguring my equipment.
> Todd
I sure encourage you to keep your project documented here as we just had 
the really great experience with RAID recovery. I cannot spare the time 
just yet to move but this is the path I have envisioned and I hope to 
start on it next spring. I sure intend to continue saving all post on 
this thread just in case I get baned or sumpin drastic goes on, lol.

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