[SATLUG] Xen Server

redpill toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Wed Sep 16 21:05:04 CDT 2009

I have been doing a little bit more thinking on what I want from my
virtualization project and right now this is what I would like to
combine into one box:
1. my router - running pfsense or ddwrt
2. a wifi ap - running pfsense or ddwrt in a DMZ
3. Firewall - using shorewall
4. a myth server that will serve at least 3 thin clients
5. a Ubuntu lstp server that will serve at least 3 thin clients
6. a apache server that will serve my wordpress blog and family website
as well as zina (or some other media streamer)
7. a file server for my customer backups - I do computer repair on the
side and I find that it is often good practice to have a separate server
just for imaging my customers drives before I do any major repairs or
8. possible run freeNas or unRAID but not sure if this is gonna be a
good thing to virtualize as I can see problems arising when trying to
add or remove physical and virtual drives

So far I have had the following software packages recommended:

1. Xen on Debian or Citrix
2. Open VMWare
3. KVM on Ubuntu or Fedora
4. openVZ

as for hardware this is another concern but I think I have the gear to
get it done.

Box 1 
Intel Q6600 Core2Quad on a Asus P5n-e sli
6 gigs of DDR2

Box 2
Del PE840 with a Core2Duo Xeon
2 gigs of DDR2
Perc 5i

3 160 gig sata2
2 500 gig sata2
2 320 gig sata2
2 80 gig eide
2 40 gig eide
1 200 gig sata2

right now I am leaning toward taking the quad core in box 1 and pairing
it with the perc 5i.  The only money i want to spend will be on
hardrives and possible on maxing out the P5n-e to 8 gigs.  My current
thought is to get 6 more 500 gig drives and running 2 raid 5 with a
software raid 0 to make a raid 50.  this would give me approx 3 TB then
take the remaining sata2 drives (totaling approx 1.3 tb) and putting
them on freeNAS (or some other opensourse NAS platform like unRAID).

as y'all can see this is still in the preliminary planning stages so any
advice or comments at this stage are greatly welcome.


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