[SATLUG] Looking for suggestions/duplication from an ftp site

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 24 12:05:57 CDT 2009

Jeremy Mann wrote:

>If all you're mirroring is the FTP site, does it allow anonymous
>logins? If so, I would use wget in recursive mode to fetch a local

That may actually be a preferred method to get the data, although it
doesn't get the FTP configuration (authorized users and permissions)
which may not be needed in your case.

If the previous system manager left on such non-friendly terms that your
company doesn't know the passwords to a box it supposedly owns, I'd
strongly urge a full wipe and reinstall after you get any data you want
from it. That is unless you suspect illicit use of the server, in which
case you need the advice of a lawyer before you do anything else. (Texas
law has some expensive pitfalls in this area.)

Stay safe.  --Don

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