[SATLUG] kernel 2.6.31 and external hard drives

John D Choate jdchoate at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 14:04:22 CDT 2009

On Friday 25 September 2009 13:52:49 Todd W. Bucy wrote:
> with 2 USB connectors on one 
> end and a single (probably mini-usb) connector on the other end?  This 
> is how the WD passport gets the power it needs by connecting to 2 USB 
> port on your box.

Hey todd... looks like we are cross posting while each other is typing. :)
No, I am using the single USB cable which came with my passport drives. They do not have a 2x USB end, just a single. and they work fine on my netbook which uses kernel 2.6.29. They mount very slowly on my desktop machine which uses 2.6.31, but the do work there too.
The problem is with my HP dv9000 laptop, which they worked perfectly with until kernel 2.6.3x

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