Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Sat Sep 26 18:34:53 CDT 2009

Wayne Wolle wrote:
> Herb Cee wrote:
>> Wayne Wolle wrote:
>>> Herb Cee wrote:
>>>> I am totally ignorant of U-tube and I thought you could DL the 
>>>> videos posted there but I am trying to DL this one on building 
>>>> ceramic stoves and cannot seem to find a way to do it I can play 
>>>> the video ok just clicking on start.
>>>> http://www.youtube.com/ildsjalen#play/uploads/0/9iHuaKwbKeg
>>>> Would appreciate someone telling me how to do this all I can find 
>>>> googleing says to click the link below the picture. I don't see one.
>>>> duhhhhhh is this a senior moment?
>>>> herb
>>> Try youtube-dl         You can convert the .flv file to mpeg with 
>>> ffmpeg
>> I fail to understand can you elaborate like where do I find youtube-dl
>> hh
> Google youtube-dl    I use Slackware and downloaded the package from 
> linuxpackages.net 
Ok I guess this is a CLI run from a terminal  Great I am also very 
shallow on using the CLI ... I will try to learn also how to get a 
terminal to work  in the browser. This is the stuff that is frustrating 
to me in Linux something simple requires an overload of reading and 
following 14,000 suggested pages from my frin Google gggrrrr whine whimper

Oh well I know that  I am indeed a fluke of the universe, I have no 
right to be here. Whether my idea of a god is a hairy thunderer or a 
cosmic muffin and whether I can hear it or not the universe is laughing 
behind my back so therefore I stay calm, I rotate my tires and whenever 
possible put people on hold.

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