[SATLUG] OT: Joomla Question

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Sun Sep 27 17:59:57 CDT 2009

Dennis Myhand wrote:
> Does anyone on the list know anything about Joomla?  Here is why I ask 
> here.  Where I am forced to use this CMS I have no choice in which 
> version I have to use.  Since we are not using the latest and greatest 
> version, I cannot ask my questions on the joomla forum.  I need some 
> help and I need it from people who are willing to help, no matter what 
> version I am using.  Thanks, Dennis
try http://www.joomlatutorials.com/ use theri search function for the 
version you are using.  they might have some help in their archives.  
Also search the archives of the Joomla forums.  Also just because you 
are using an older version doesn't mean the Joomla forums are useless to 
you, Joomla is a rather large F/OSS project and as such there is a 
community.  you also might want try to convince, who ever it is, to 
update their Joomla.  There might very will be many security updates 
that have since been patched.  Do yourself a favor and read the update 
logs on the various updates since your last; at the very least you will 
know how your system is vulnerable.


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