[SATLUG] OT: Human Rights and the G20 in Pittsburg

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Mon Sep 28 18:58:57 CDT 2009

Dennis Myhand wrote:
> David Kowis wrote:
>> I find it very interesting how you side with authority. Not to start a
>> political flame war or anything, but why did they have to leave? Why
>> should they instantly bend to the will of the police? The police are
>> here to protect and to serve, not to abuse.
>> I think you and I disagree on that he deserved to be maced in the face.
>> Heh, that rhymes.
>> David
> Yeah, well, you and I will disagree on whether he deserved to be maced 
> anywhere.
Why is filming a street scene illegal?

> First rule of confrontation with authority is never bring a camera to 
> a gunfight.  

Why do you call a meeting of the G20 a gunfight?

> The people in the video were showing you one angle only.

Nope there were two hippies with cameras. You can tell they are hippies 
cause they got maced or because they were filming?

> They were there in contravention of the city police and they paid a 
> price for it.  

Sure looked like a normal business street intersection and looked to me 
like the cops came across the intersection just to stop the camera from 
filming this shameful Nazi  behavior I saw nothing thrown at the police  
so what act do you suppose caused the macing?

> They also don't know squat about how to deal with a riot squad.  They 
> ought to go ask their grand-mothers.  The old ladies would have 
> probably done better against that little group of cops than they did.

What if the were hippie grans Dennis? 

I have lived in this country for 79yrs and this is something I thought I 
would never see. We have a Nazi style government and I flat hate it.

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