[SATLUG] anyone cron-job their "apt-get upgrade" commands?

Peter Cross pjcrux at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 11:14:48 CDT 2009

I do not use cron-jobs for updates for yum update. I prefer to still update
manually due to the reasons you specified. about the only program I use a
cron-job for is clamav.


Peter Cross

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> So I heard a talk about patching and the guy was saying that everyone
> already knows how to cron-job "apt-get upgrade" or the yum equivalent.
> I'm wondering if anyone does this in practice and what their results
> are.  I'm nervous about upgrading kernels blindly and also some programs
> require interacive input when upgrading - non-free stuff like Sun's
> java comes to mind.
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