[SATLUG] OT: Human Rights and the G20 in Pittsburg

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There are some things I object to, such as the removal of regulation of the 
banks and corporations which gave rise to the corporate greed and ponzi 
schemes that are being brought to light recently, and the current 
administration hiring as the new regulator the very people that caused the 
problem.  Lack of regulation gave rise to the mortgage derivatives which are 
completely fake and are not an asset at all and should be made illegal, 
Also the variable mortgage mess that has resulted in so many foreclosures, 
which are still rising even here in San Antonio as unemployment continues to 
rise.  Our former mayor Henry Cisneros was squarely involved in that 
industry.  Next is the Credit card industry which due to high rates and 
deregulation have siphoned away money that was previously available for 
business lending and is now a core profit center for banks.  Add to that the 
staggering corporate compensation packages that siphoned off the assets of 
companies even while they were losing money hand over fist, and the 
stockholders paid the penalty.  All this still continues today, as bank 
failures are on the increase again.  I guess this is the NWO as some term 
it.  Locally several organizations who are funded by those who hope to make 
a lot of money from wind farms and solar panels raise loud objection to the 
building of the additions to the STP nuke plant, thereby securing our energy 

I don't predict much change over the next few years as the lobbyists have 
firm ownership of the politicians, of both political parties and only a very 
few people that are eligible to vote actually do so and even then rarely 
from an informed basis.

I am old enough to remember Pearl Harbor, I remember it well.  I was 
attending church that Sunday morning in a tent service conducted by my 
father, who was the pastor when the service was interrupted and he made the 
announcement that we had been attacked by the Japanese.  I was 5 years old 
at the time.  Kind of dates me, huh?

Oh well, that is my rant, so now I will give it a rest.

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> Cheryl,
> It really depends.  Many different groups gather to protest at the world 
> summits.  The most common theme however seems to be to show resistance to 
> the current economic system which favors large multi-national corporations 
> at the expense of the developing world, also many human rights 
> organizations, as well as Unions (IWW comes to mind), and anarchist 
> (generally those guys are opposed to any state organization and resists 
> authoritarianism in general).  The most glaring example of this sort of 
> protest is the Seatlle WTO protest in 1999, where everyone from 
> anti-government anarchists too unions  and (like the IWW, AFL/CIO, and the 
> Steel Workers Union), human rights organization such as Amnesty 
> International.  Its real hard to tell when watching some of these videos 
> what the protester is actually protesting as when you are being thrown in 
> a car by camouflaged paramilitary types the ability to define what it is 
> your protesting.
> see the following video and remember this happened in the US not Eastern 
> Europe or Burma.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAUIHiXgfWw
> Todd
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