[SATLUG] SNMP and SSH/telnet commands thru web Interface

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 1 11:38:45 CDT 2010

twistedpickles wrote:
> <...> I should have been a bit more
>specific though. Im looking to interface with routers and switches.

How about telling us what you really need 
    ("manage a Bozotronix FU-256 which only talks Telnet and SSH") 
and the constraints 
    ("there's a firewall I don't control in the way which only passes
      HTTP [port 80] and HTTPS [port 443] to that network") 
plus your resources. 
    ("I do control a Fubarnix 3.1416 server running Apache 2 on the
      target network.")
Then we can suggest things that have a chance of working for you.

Trust the devious minds on this list, Sometimes the shortest route from
here to Austin is through Lubbock.

Be well - or at least have interesting symptoms!

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