[SATLUG] Presentation for So. San High School

Howard Haradon hharadon at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 14:09:27 CDT 2010

Hello,   The message below came to me today.  I am hoping that
someone in our group can help out with this.


date	Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 11:17 AM
subject	presenter at a high school
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"Hello Mr. President,

My name is Raul Salazar and I am a teacher at South san High School
here in San Antonio. I teach multimedia and computer science. I had
been teaching at the middle school, but this is my first year in the
high school. So, this means that I had to teach programming. I first
started programming using windows, but I knew that I had to introduce
my students to linux.

In our lab we have 26 Dells, and I installed Ubuntu inside windows,
since the district technology people get touchy when we mess with
their computers. I used Wubi.  So, the main reason for the this email
is to find out if SATLUG can put me in contact with a person that
might come and talk to my students and do a little presentation on
linux and programming careers or something similiar. My students love
Ubuntu, especially the games. We were even talking about doing a field
trip to a place where they use linux and meet with some linux
professionals or programmers.(maybe Rackspace or UTSA)

If you have any information on having a presenter, I would appreciate
it.  Also, we are also trying to program some basic games in python in
linux, we are having some issues installing it and running Pygame.
Well, thanks for any help."

Raul Salazar
South San Antonio High School
Multimedia and Computer Science Teacher

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