[SATLUG] Recommended method to sync to a windows server?

Eric Haugen erichaugen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 18:09:48 CDT 2010

We have 2 windows NASs.  One is setup to have a 7.2TB virtual hard drive
formatted to EXT3, that is the target for a Red Hat iSCSI initiator.  The
2nd is a backup for the first NAS with an NTFS share.  I was curious how
some of you luggers would sync from the Red Hat server to the backup windows

FTP and SMB services are loaded on the backup server

One options we considered was create a 2nd VHD on the backup server and sync
it via the RH box using rsync. Only problem is that a colleague of mine read
that if the RH machine reboots it has the potential getting /dev/sdb &
/dev/sdc mixed up and connect to the wrong target.

Anyone else notice this?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

- Eric Haugen

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