[SATLUG] file encryption

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Thu Apr 8 12:36:25 CDT 2010

> you can use
> "gpg -c filename"
> it will ask you for a password and then create a new file with a .gpg
> extension - filename.gpg
> to extract it use 
> "gpg filename"
> it will ask for the password and give you back an unprotected file in
> its original condition
> note that when you password protect the file it actually creates a new
> file and you should delete the old unprotected copy of the file

Thanks Bruce and Mark for putting me on the right track with gpg, and Othniel
for mcrypt.

gpg --symmetric filename also works. Thanks for the reminder to delete the source file!

I am all set now :-) Thanks!

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