[SATLUG] Choosing a Display Manager

Frank Huddleston fhuddles at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 12:34:36 CDT 2010


    I'm trying to decide which display manager to run under the FluxBox 
window manager. I guess the generic one is xdm, but Gnome uses gdm, KDE 
uses kdm, and then I think there are a few others around. I've always 
used xdm just because it was the default, but a while ago I installed 
Ubuntu Studio and that runs with Gnome by default, and gdm.
  I ran FluxBox over gdm for a while, then replaced it with xdm, just 
because it seemed to be less aligned with any particular windowing 
system. I run apps from everywhere: Gnome, KDE, X, whatever.
   I understand that usually, the choice of the display manager is 
determined by the window or desktop manager, but in this case it isn't. 
So I'm asking: for the users who don't run either Gnome or KDE: how did 
you decide on the display manager? What are the factors which are 
considerations in picking one or the other?


Frank Huddleston

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