[SATLUG] Choosing a Display Manager

Daniel J. Givens daniel at rugmonster.org
Mon Apr 12 12:48:03 CDT 2010

On Sun, 11 Apr 2010 12:34:36 -0500, Frank Huddleston <fhuddles at gmail.com>

>    I understand that usually, the choice of the display manager is 
> determined by the window or desktop manager, but in this case it isn't. 
> So I'm asking: for the users who don't run either Gnome or KDE: how did 
> you decide on the display manager? What are the factors which are 
> considerations in picking one or the other?

I picked the smallest footprint I could find when I was setting up my
I used SLiM[1] because it was lightweight and I had no need for remote
functionality. That said, your display manager and your desktop
have little, if nothing, to do with each other. The display manager is
there to give you a login and start up your X session, whatever that may

[1] http://slim.berlios.de/


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