[SATLUG] Monday XCSSA Meeting Details: Fiesta Mobile, Embedded Linux Hacking and WiFi Noise Detection...

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Mon Apr 19 01:26:06 CDT 2010

On Sunday 18 April 2010 04:39:22 pm Ernest De Leon wrote:
> ...and a third question...is the Xcssa website still running on psi-web?

Hehe.. sorry to say.. not any longer.  One of the DC-Engineers thought it was 
a "fire hazard".. and asked me to take it down.  Actually.. it was safer than 
many of the old whitebox that we ran back in the early days (this was back in 
like 2000 in the "SAT1" data center).  

Some of the old SAT1/Weston geeks may actually be lurking on list who can tell 
you stories about my "lunchbox server".  Here's a picture of it hooked to a 
home-brew, in-line, hot-swap UPS that I made for it to move it within the DC 
to keep my uptime:

Fun times...

All that said.. I still have the psi-web box at home.  It works quite well for 
whatever I throw at it.  In this pic.. it's just providing power and a 
platform for some experiments I'm playing with:

> I'm wondering what the limits of my NSLU2 are in terms of load. I was
> running a generic HTML page on it for a while which it handled with no
> issue, then I tried to use a 'blog' type setup with flat file db and php,
> but it choked on that. 

Ooo.. don't' start with dynamic content.. just with static content. My psi-web 
was a 133MHz 486.. with like 32M of RAM. I could run several web sites, mail 
lists etc.. and it never had a problem.  But then that was x86...

How does static HTML do for you?  What's the load look like?

> I went back to a generic web page but I don't want 
> to have to port content by hand. lol

Bring it to the meeting.. let's check it out.

I ran Mailman on my system (python based) as well as Webmin (perl based) at 
one point.  It could be a little slow.. but it chugged along.

Anyway.. bring it by.. let's check it out!


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