[SATLUG] Home Network Configuration

Dylan Nelson cold2na at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 23:45:09 CDT 2010

I want to do some home networking with building my own hardware firewall. I
want to run either openbsd, iptables (like ipfire), and need a linux server.
I need some serious practice on these kind of configurations. The problems
come in play with constant trial and error with the home network while my
wife is home and online. No kind of 'sorry honey, building a firewall. Oh,
oops about shutting the dvr connection off during Glee' is even
approachable. How can I build my own practice lab without really affecting
her network until I can expertly configure this setup. thanks in advance. Oh
here is all I got on hand:

   - desktop with three nics (firewall)
   - 3 desktops (1 mac as multimedia pc)
   - 2 laptops
   - 2 smartphones
   - 1 ipod (wireless)
   - switch ( 8 port)
   - modem
   - router (Netgear g. might get n soon).
   - also, a soekris board in mail soon.


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