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Justin Burdette justin.burdette at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 00:39:49 CDT 2010

I have an old Dell running PFSense connected to my cable modem with a
Netgear wireless G router on the other side. I found it works
seamlessly as long as I turn the netgear to access point only (disable
NAT, DHCP, and built-in firewall) and run all the services on the PF
PFSense is BSD based and very easy to configure. Only need 2 network
cards (Red for modem, Green for internal) unless you want a server on
a DMZ. Contact me off-list if you want some specifics on everything or
want to check out the setup.


On 4/21/10, Dylan Nelson <cold2na at gmail.com> wrote:
> I want to do some home networking with building my own hardware firewall. I
> want to run either openbsd, iptables (like ipfire), and need a linux server.
> I need some serious practice on these kind of configurations. The problems
> come in play with constant trial and error with the home network while my
> wife is home and online. No kind of 'sorry honey, building a firewall. Oh,
> oops about shutting the dvr connection off during Glee' is even
> approachable. How can I build my own practice lab without really affecting
> her network until I can expertly configure this setup. thanks in advance. Oh
> here is all I got on hand:
>    - desktop with three nics (firewall)
>    - 3 desktops (1 mac as multimedia pc)
>    - 2 laptops
>    - 2 smartphones
>    - 1 ipod (wireless)
>    - switch ( 8 port)
>    - modem
>    - router (Netgear g. might get n soon).
>    - also, a soekris board in mail soon.
> Dylan
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