[SATLUG] Cobalt RAQ3 Debian install issues

Sean Davis sdavisfoo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Apr 25 13:52:16 CDT 2010

Crossposting this from XCSSA, just in case somebody's been playing 
around with old blue servers here too... apologies in advance for the 
line noise if nobody cares :)

Hey all, I figured this would be the best list to get some pointers on
this. I'm trying to load Debian Lenny on an old RAQ3, however cannot get
it to boot the 2.6 kernel (i've tried uncountable different combinations
of version and compression, etc, official lenny kernel vs. kernel
custom-built for cobalt x86 machines)... so far i've got it trying to
boot the kernel, but sticking at:

BOOTLOADER: Mapping in physical locations
BOOTLOADER: load_addr=0xc2002000 ret_data=0xc2203cc4
BOOTLOADER: opening "/boot/vmlinux.bz2"
BOOTLOADER: reading "/boot/vmlinux.bz2"
BOOTLOADER: read 1312774bytes
BOOTLOADER: unmounting /
BOOTLOADER: calling reboot notifiers
md: stopping all md devices.
flushing ide devices: hda hdb
BOOTLOADER: mapping 22M-32M for ride home
BOOTLOADER: disabling interrupts
BOOTLOADER: flushing cache
BOOTLOADER: Leap of faith!
Back in ramcode: done
Second stage kernel: Decompressing -Error bunzip2ing kernel. Trying gunzip.
ERROR: unknown compression method
ERROR: internal error, invalid method
Error gunziping kernel. Giving up.
command line: 'console=ttyS0,115200 debug ip=off '
booting kernel...

The exact problem at the end varies - it's given me no errors, and stuck
at Decompressing kernel, and it's done several variations on the above,
as I've been trying different ways of compressing the kernel to get the
bootloader to read it, but I'm starting to think I'm just running into a
wall due to wanting to boot a 2.6 kernel. Should I go for etch and a 2.4

If anybody has loaded an OS onto one of these recently, (over the
network preferably, don't want to take drives out if there's another
option), could you shoot me an e-mail with some hints? all the docs I
can find on the great google machine are grossly out of date, and while
they've helped me get this far, I'm stuck at this error.

This should probably get taken off-list in order not to spam everybody,
but should someone be interested in helping, let me know what else you
need to see as far as configurations go to make a guess at what I'm
doing wrong, as all I really know about cobalts at this point is "don't
mess up when upgrading the ROM"

PS: If somebody knows how to get recent NetBSD loaded onto it, that's
even better. Once again, all the docs I can find are out of date. If I
get this working, I promise to write a "how to make a raq3 work in 2010"
article somewhere :P

Thanks in advance  :)


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