[SATLUG] Ubuntu's wifi is teh suck, plus flash update

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Thu Aug 5 19:18:16 CDT 2010

Hey all,

I upgraded my HP 2133 laptop:

To Kubuntu Lucid Lynx.  Yeah, I guess that puts me in a sub-category,
b/c 75% of the questions and answers out there are for Ubuntu proper,
and with the netbook remix, the GUI is so different that I don't
think GNOME vs KDE much matters.  On desktops, I hated Gnome, because
I simply didn't know how to do things - I felt like I was on Windows,
always clicking on the Start menu. Anyway...

Wireless on Linux, even with supported wifi devices, sucks.

When you add in ACPI stuff, it really sucks.

See the page above for some of my issues remaining.

I would pay cash to people who could fix these.  At least $100 for
wifi - more once I get flush again.

Overall, wifi on laptops is probably the worst thing (IMHO) on Linux
right now, so maybe others would like it fixed too.

BTW, I'm working at Adobe on the Flash Player security team, and I'm
one of the few Linux users there.  Actually, I picked Mac since
there's so many issues with Linux in the Intranet here, but... I'm
trying to get things sane.

Here's a blog by a co-worker who is doing Linux support:


If you get the urge, please help us with the Linux issues.  There
aren't many of us, but we do want to get things non-suckified on
Linux.  My debugging time is getting wasted on wifi and ACPI issues.

At home, 64-bit works most of the time, but occasionally sound stops
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