[SATLUG] Ubuntu's wifi is teh suck, plus flash update

David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Fri Aug 6 07:54:53 CDT 2010

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On 8/5/2010 7:18 PM, travis+ml-satlug at subspacefield.org wrote:
> Hey all,
> I upgraded my HP 2133 laptop:
> http://www.subspacefield.org/~travis/hp_2133_links.html
> To Kubuntu Lucid Lynx.  Yeah, I guess that puts me in a sub-category,
> b/c 75% of the questions and answers out there are for Ubuntu proper,
> and with the netbook remix, the GUI is so different that I don't
> think GNOME vs KDE much matters.  On desktops, I hated Gnome, because
> I simply didn't know how to do things - I felt like I was on Windows,
> always clicking on the Start menu. Anyway...
> Wireless on Linux, even with supported wifi devices, sucks.
> When you add in ACPI stuff, it really sucks.
> See the page above for some of my issues remaining.

It might help if you were to build/install your own kernel. Possibly
even building your linux distro from scratch to install on there might
be best. Often some of the support comes in patches, or newer versions
than the mainstream distros feel comfortable using, as it's "not stable."

For my ThinkPad, I did several things by hand, thankfully most of it is
intel guts, so very little work was needed for most things. Things like
the HDAPS needed special support. I had to build the HDAPS kernel module
by hand, and get it in there so that it would park the drive and also it
gives me the ability to use the accelerometer for any purpose.

For an example on the desktop, I have a logitech G15 keyboard. I can use
the LCD on it through LCDd, but only with some 'expiremental' drivers.
There's no package in fedora for this, and I kinda miss it. When I was
using SourceMage, it was much easier to get those custom things into the
system. However, I spent lots of time setting up the more common things,
like KDE and X windows. So I've traded off that work for other things. I
guess the point of this rambling is that it all depends on the context.
You might want the ease of Kubuntu, but the special hardware you've got
demands more effort. :(


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