[SATLUG] Ubuntu's wifi is teh suck, plus flash update

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Fri Aug 6 11:59:36 CDT 2010

For me wireless usually works superb. iwlist scan should help you find
the mac address -- usually the essid is enough. Though sometimes there
are problems in a wlan that is somehow not using a straight forward dhcp
lease model...long story.

Atheros is a great chipset and mine works superbly... However, I
recommended Atheros to someone and... the specific chip was only
functional with self compiled mad-wifi drivers (which is the way to go
when possible; however, Ubuntu typically does a great job with madwifi

For many of us, wireless works great. For some it causes serious
problems. (I learned everything I know about wireless getting a ralink
dongle working...that now works out of the box.)

Sometimes some people, for whom things work, can't imagine why it
doesn't for others. For example, I posted about Nvidia problems with a
custom compiled kernel. Of course, someone posted the Nvidia
one-liner... Hey, did you read the part about a custom compiled kernel?

I sent your info to someone I know. I thought he might be able to help
you with your problem. I would but I'm very far behind. Some place to
look for wifi -- from people who know -- is fabcorp.

> You'll note I ignored the snarkiness of your reply.

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