[SATLUG] Root problems

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Fri Aug 6 19:35:09 CDT 2010

> If the permissions for the entire filesystem are 777, I'd recommend a
> reinstall. Unix is very flexible, but it does what you tell it to do,
> not necessarily what you meant it to do.
> If you are going to do something that invasive, try
> cd /var/hda/files
> chmod -R 777 *
> Sometimes I do 'rm *~', but I'm always very careful not to get a space
> between the * and the ~.
> -- Bruce

Yeah I was trying to remember what a frin told me to do to fix a 
sim-prob. I just copied and pasted and it worked so i learned nothing.

  but I am sure   cd /var/hda/files
 > chmod -R 777 *  is the command
After it displayed the CD mounted on the desk and still does, prob 
showed up after upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04 to 10.04, that I botched. Glad 
it was not a full 747.....

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