[SATLUG] Old thread but is Google still your frin?

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Sat Aug 7 10:31:50 CDT 2010

>> I use Verizon. They have some sort of deal with Bing.
>> Traffic shaping. What's the big deal?
> ...
> Yes, net neutrality is important. My point was not that it's not an important issue that needs to be addressed. My point was that these two parties have both denied the claims of the New York Times story. That's why I said it was dead on arrival. The New York Times story. Not the larger issue.-- 

The response was more in response to the original poster. The Bing
comment was more of a side note. I also thought that it added something
to what you reported. Why would Google collude with Verizon who is
pushing Bing?

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