[SATLUG] usb issues

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Sun Aug 8 14:48:13 CDT 2010

The camera fails? For me I have to scan the camera with gphoto2 in the
first 5-10 seconds after plugging it in for it to work. More accurately,
I plug in the camera (a Canon), turn on the camera and poll with gphoto2
within about 5 seconds... Once the camera goes through some internal
check it's no longer accessible.

> Thanks, but I may have found a solution. After upgrading my libgphoto2 library
> to the latest version and relinking digikam, I was able to access the camera
> hooked up directly through the USB storage image offered through digikam.
> However, now I cannot reproduce what I did and it keeps failing like before.
> Not sure, I'll have to dig further.

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